Fleece Sale Sellers

First time opportunity for fiber sellers: Sell your high-quality raw fleeces/fibers

at the Frederick Fiber Fest, Sunday, June 11

We welcome fibers suitable for hand spinning, including sheep, llamas, alpacas, goats, rabbits, silkworms, flax, cotton, etc.

Fleece Sale Sign-Up

THE SET UP: The Frederick News-Post has offered a large space where each producer can have an assigned table (see photo here), where you can display 6 fleeces, with an additional 6 fleeces in reserve under the table. When a displayed fleece sells, and opens up a space on the table, you may replace it with one of the reserve fleeces (Because we don’t have enough help to do this, it will be the responsibility of each producer to take care of their own fleeces. So check back a few times during the day to move your unsold reserve fleeces to the top of the table).
Please bring your fleeces/fibers in clear bags so that potential customers can easily see them. Knot the bags so that a portion of the fleece is open for touch. If you are bringing non-fleece fibers (eg silk, cotton, flax) please bag them in appropriate quantities to be sold whole, as we will not be set up to sell portions. You may bring up to 24 fleeces/fiber samples, though we may limit the number to 12 if we run out of tables.

ENTRY: We will accept fleeces Sunday morning from 8:00 to 11:00am. Please come early, as the festival opens at 11 on Sunday and you don’t want to miss early buyers! The entry fee for each fleece is $2. We accept checks, credit cards and cash. (Sorry, not set up for bitcoin yet). We will send out checks for sold fleeces by June 25th.

LABELS and PRICES: To make record keeping easy, each bag of fleece/fiber will have two tags: one remaining in the bag and the other going to the check-out table. You will receive the tag form after signing up. Please complete the fleece/fiber tags and print two for each fleece. Number your fleeces from 1-12 (or 1-24 if you’re going to use two tables). Place one tag in the fleece bag, and bring the other to the check-in desk. Feel free to add extra information on the tag (for example, it’s a lamb fleece). For Species/breed, please be specific. For example, if your fiber is from a mixed breed animal, list the breeds and the percentages if you know them. This helps buyers understand where the characteristics of the fleece come from.
If you do not have the facilities to receive and/or print the tags, please contact us. Let us know how many you need and we will mail them out to you.
Please have the tags filled out, and one set in the bags, and the duplicate copies ready to submit when you come to check in. It will make the check-in process much easier and faster.

ADVERTISING your farm: Each table has a backboard (see photo here) 60” long and 24” high. You are welcome to create a poster to hang/place there to advertise your farm, your breed, your fiber, your awards etc. Or show some samples of your washed or spun fiber. Many buyers enjoy knowing the history of the fiber they work with, and some fiber artists advertise the farms they partner with. The backboard is melamine. You can use tape, putty, clothes pins, removable glue etc. to attach your poster to it, or just stand the poster against it.

QUESTIONS? Contact Polly Matzinger: 240-444-2047 or amblingbrookfarm@gmail.com